Are you an acne sufferer? Does chocolate make acne worse?

Many scientific studies conclude chocolate causes acne. But is it true given study designs are mainly flawed? Actually it makes it impossible to determine if it’s the cocoa or other ingredients, such as sugar or dairy, that cause the problem.

However there is one gold standard study that assessed the effect of chocolate consumption on subjects with a history of acne. Male acne sufferers were given unsweetened 100% cocoa capsules vs a placebo and it was shown that there was a doubling of acne lesions within 4 days! Male subjects were chosen in the study to remove the hormonal fluctuations in women. The study was a one time binge though. The subjects were given 6oz (177g) of cocoa in one go!!

Raw cacao is rich in polyphenols which are supportive for our health and most us us love chocolate. So, if you’re an acne sufferer, rather than throwing chocolate out of the window it’s definitely worth eating with caution and evaluating if your consumption is impacting your acne. Remember to choose quality chocolate with a high % of cacao (70% and above to keep sugar consumption low) and eat it in small quantities rather than binging!

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