Essential Oils & Natural Bug Spray

The only problem with hot weather is the bugs! Nothing worse than being bitten and ending up with all those red lumps!
We are surrounded by toxicity, not all of which we can control but when we can use a natural product for something why wouldn’t we?

I use an essential oil blend as an insect repellent instead of a nasty chemical version! Don’t spray something on your skin or inhale product that is toxic. Use what nature has provided us.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are the immune system and defence barriers for plants.They protect the plants from threats in their environment and can protect us as well.

The essential oil product I use is a natural blend of;

  1. Ylang Ylang
  2. Tamanu
  3. Nootka
  4. Cedarwood
  5. Catnip
  6. Lemon Eucalyptus
  7. Litsea
  8. Vanilla
  9. Arborvitae

It smells beautiful and keeps the bugs away.

There is plenty of scientific research supporting specific essential oils as effective insect repellents. Here are a few facts;

  • Lemon eucalyptus essential oil comprises 85% citronellal, the same compound found in citronella oil
  • Ylang Ylang has been successfully tested for insecticide activity against some mosquito vectors
  • Chemical compounds from Cedarwood essential oil have be found to have the same repellency as DEET against some insects.
  • In one study catnip oil was found to be more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitos

Why not give a natural essential oil product a go this Summer!

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