Heather is interviewed by Paul Burgess from Athletic Nutrition http://athleticnutrition.tv

They  discuss  educating  people from all over the World in nutrition through the Sano Diploma. They chat about what the diploma entails,  how students learn to design their own meal plans for people using scientific based information,  become skilled at writing blogs, food articles and recipes. Learn the ways in which people increase their revenue by using the info in the course.

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Heather is joined by Denise a Sano Nutrition Diploma student in the Sano Kitchen. Denise cooks a wonderful immune boosting dish and explains why she has particularly chosen the ingredients and what the health benefits are! For the recipe head here


Heather features on the Sky channel show 'The Chrissy B Show' which is focussed on illness and mental health. In this episode Heather cooks a lemongrass dahl.

Heather hosts Mel a nutrition diploma student in the Sano Kitchen. Mel cooks one of her recipes that she created when studying the diabetes module.

This goji berry pudding is truly delicious and surprisingly quick to make. Heather shows you how to make mini puddings that are filled with protein and antioxidants so will keep you full instead of sending your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster.

Brussel sprouts. You either love them or hate them. Heather shows you how to easily turn sulphurous hard sprouts into something delicious that everyone can enjoy. 

Heather hosts Caroline, a Nutrition Diploma graduate, in the Sano Kitchen. Caroline shows us how to make one of her amazing dishes developed to support digestive health.

Keep your blood sugars balanced during the party season by snacking on these tamari almonds. Heather shows you how easy they are to make. They are also healthier, tastier and a lot cheaper than shop bought sugar coated ones! 

Heather shows you how to make a simple snack. Medjool dates stuffed with almonds and covered with dark chocolate. Packed full of protein, fibre, B vitamins and antioxidants this is a snack worth eating!

Heather shows you how to jazz up the humble carrot. In this recipe she roasts carrots in a honey and fennel dressing ensuring that as well as getting a good dose of the skin supporting antioxidant beta-carotene, you also support digestion with fennel that helps ease bloating.