Omega 3 and leaky gut in newborn

Gut permeability!

There’s a lot of talk about leaky gut. Increased gut permeability (leaky gut), allows particles to enter the bloodstream causing inflammation, multiple health problems and often autoimmune reactions.

Interestingly, in the foetus though there may be reverse benefits of increased permeability. A scientific study supplementing maternal diet with omega 3 fatty acids and was shown to cause the new-borns gut to become more permeable. This allowed new substances to pass through the lining of the gut into the bloodstream more easily. The result….”…the baby’s immune system may develop and mature faster, leading to better immune function and less likelihood of suffering allergies” BUT the study wasn’t on humans, but piglets! Also its not clear if the benefits extend to later in life. Fascinating though and be great to see further research.

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