We look after our cars but do we look after ourselves? Our health is our wealth yet so often we don't stop and spend time to make sure we have an MOT! I use state of the art blood testing and analysis to measure 80 blood markers and you will reciece a 75 page comprehensive Functional Health Report.  Blood doesn't lie! By assessing the results of the Functional Health Report, taking an assessment of any symptoms and a full case history I will develop with you a nutrition and lifestyle plan to ensure you are in tip top health.


The Functional Health Report uniquely organises and creates an interpretation providing a comprehensive insight and assessment into the state of previously hidden health trends of the main body systems, its supporting body accessory systems, along with reporting on the status of key nutrients and trends to and from clinical dysfunction.

The analytical and interpretive software analyzes the blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns hidden within the numbers that signal the first stages of functional change in your body.


To give you an idea of the detail in the report below are some examples from different sections of the report that you will recieve.


The Assessment section is at the very heart of the Functional Health Report. It is here that the findings of the algorithmic trend analysis are presented. The Body Systems and Accessory Reports show the level of dysfunction that exists in the various physiological and supporting accessory systems in your body. The Nutrient Systems report gives you an indication of your general nutritional status as well as the degree of deficiency for individual nutrients. All the information on the Assessment section of the report is summarized in the Health Improvement Plan, which focuses on the top areas of need as presented in this report.


The Analysis section shows you the actual results of your blood test itself.

The Blood Test Results Report lists the results of your blood test results and shows you if an individual biomarker is outside of the optimal range and/or outside of the clinical lab range.

The Blood Test Results Comparative Report compares results of the latest and previous Chemistry Screen and Hematology test and gives you a sense of whether or not there has been an improvement on the individual biomarker level.

The Blood Test History report allows you to compare results over time and see where improvement has been made and allows you to track progress in the individual biomarkers. A Deviation from Optimal report is made showing which markers exhibit the largest shifts away from an optimal norm either higher or lower.


The appendices contain highly detailed descriptions and interpretation explanations of the results presented in each of the reports in the assessment and analysis sections.

Here you will be able to read in depth what each biomarker means, see the patterns used in the algorithmic analysis and see what factors have gone into the creation of the health trend assessment levels reported.

This section is both informative and highly educational.

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A Health Check costs £500 which includes a consultation with me to discuss the findings of the report. This may be in person depending on location or via Skype. After the consultation you  will receive a copy of the report and an eating and supplement plan to address the issues highlighted by the report. Note that the phlebotomy fee is not included within the cost and this must be made directly to the lab when attending for the blood draw (normally around £25).

After purchase you will recieve a requisition form that you take to the lab for the blood draw. When the results are received (2-3 weeks after the blood draw) you make an appointment for the consulation.